Day 3 of Camp NaNo

Officially in Day 3 and, I have no idea where I’m going but I’m sailing ‘cause moving is my middle name.

I have plans for this month, and not managing to reach my goal for camp is actually one of them. Okay, not really. No really.

Anyway, my plans:

  1. Submit a short story to sff magazine that has just opened for submissions. – Done^^
  2. Write a short story for the same sff magazine since the first one is going to be rejected. I thrive on rejections, don’t think I don’t.
  3. Write a short story for another magazine that will open for submissions on May.
  4. Work on my Nhezz story with my bff because I don’t intend to forget having fun with writing through all this submissions-induced anxiety.
  5. Cute poems. I enjoy poems. Poems are fun. Poems are a fast release of creativity; sometimes they work, others they don’t, but every time I come on the other side relaxed.

drum your fingers in the butterfly’s wings rhythm
it will match the beating of your heart
they might create chaos
but so will you




To stay on the subject, for the past 3 days I’ve written: 2026 words.
How are you doing?