how to poem

I found this in one of my notebooks. I like to practice writing with my left hand and I will do it sometimes when my carpal tunnel acts up.


*on the photo reads


Where is the poem
in the words written with
your non-dominant hand?

Maybe it’s in all the wrong
spaces. Or maybe it’s in the
learning to write again.


Almost poetry: a sea poem

Thalassa, the daughter of Hmera

her depths unexplored

her secrets unconquered

she has conquered the world

explored our inner depths

we ‘re all Thalassa’s daughters


definitions from Greek to English

θάλασσα, thalassa: sea

ημέρα, hmera:  day

Almost poetry: Let me tell you…

You purr when I love you with my hands,
did you know?

A sound like a storm inside your chest,
where contentment and pleasure battle to rip your skin,
and bloom from your mouth,
and the only reason they stay inside
is your stubbornness,
and the promise of sleep,
and maybe my arms around you.

You purr and my bones mend,
did you know?


Almost Poetry: Train thoughts

We meet in the middle.
The lavender field bursts with quiet.

The book in my hands a relic
of my imagination and my once-found peace

The dirt on your cheeks confesses
long hours of work.

Your shirt isn’t tucked in your pants.

As the sky loses its boundaries with the lavender blossoms
and the blush on your ears pulls me closer,

I think back on that scene I read earlier in the train.

About the woman that was searching for
her soul at the roots of the riverside trees.

I wonder if she found it,
like I found you.