Almost Poetry: Train thoughts

We meet in the middle.
The lavender field bursts with quiet.

The book in my hands a relic
of my imagination and my once-found peace

The dirt on your cheeks confesses
long hours of work.

Your shirt isn’t tucked in your pants.

As the sky loses its boundaries with the lavender blossoms
and the blush on your ears pulls me closer,

I think back on that scene I read earlier in the train.

About the woman that was searching for
her soul at the roots of the riverside trees.

I wonder if she found it,
like I found you.

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Almost poetry: awake at night

you ask me why I don’t sleep at night,
why I work while everyone is dreaming,
what makes the absence of light a preference,
and see,
it’s not that I don’t understand your question,
or that I don’t have an answer,
but I’m afraid you’ll not listen
how loud are your thoughts
in the dark,
like being underwater,
when your heartbeat echoes in your bones,
beat after beat after beat
while the oxygen burns in your lungs,
and see,
it’s like that for me when everyone’s dreams
are deafening,
a deep blue silence that keeps my body afloat
and my mind from drowning

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Exploring poetry

Lately I’ve been delving into poetry. Mostly reading, but sometimes writing, too. I torture my friends with my 3am inspirations and first drafts of poems that I wrote on jotterpad when sleep wouldn’t come, but I don’t regret it because it’s fun, and because it makes sense.

The poetry out there is beautiful and fascinating and inspirational and many more adjectives that have a warm and motivational feeling.


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