Thoughts on the previous and new year

Happy New Year!

It’s customary here to wish people you’re seeing for the first time ‘Happy New Year’ even when it’s late in January.

To say that the past century two years have been hard it would be an understatement. Everyone is tired from the on going plague and the fear that surrounds it, the lockdowns, the deaths, the questions, the lack of answers, the insecurity.

My 2021 thankfully was kinder to me than 2020 (even typing the year gives me goosebumps).

I made an effort on getting back on track in 2021, keeping the blog updated, reading more, writing more, but grief works in weird ways and I stopped writing and reading altogether for months. I didn’t really start coming around and feeling better until late August, when I went on a new adventure – freediving, I started freediving 💙 – , pushed myself emotionally and physically to its limit and I came on top. I managed to find something else I love as much as books and the sea, and it helped me, gave me focus and purpose. I was lucky. I have a lovely spouse and a strong support system which helped immensely.

If you’re finding that you’re struggling to be creative, it’s okay. The extreme pressure of the pandemic over every day hurdles is overwhelming. But we have to believe that things will get better.

So this year, I’m going to set moderate goals, read plenty and focus on setting a schedule of writing and submissions. What come will come but I have to put myself out there first, right?

Be kind to yourselves this year. Take care, be careful, vaccinate.




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Life happens

You know how people see themselves flying in their dreams? I’ve never seen that. What I do in my dreams is run.

I either run fast, vaulting over obstacles like I weight nothing and I’ve been a traceuse for centuries, covering distances longer than all the levels of Crash Bandicoot combined, or I’m trying to run but no matter how hard I move my feet, it’s like I’m stuck in molasses and I can barely cover a meter.

This past month has been a mixture of both those feelings simultaneously, no dreaming added.


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Procrastinating Productively Vol. 3

I wrote this post back in June. It has been a good three years since I wrote Vol. 2 in this series and I thought the timing, as coincidental as it was, was kinda fateful as well. Around that time I was struggling to write, to come up with and stick to my ideas, to focus on putting words on paper.

I never posted this post while things with writing got worse.


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A very cloudy April and a short life update

A month ago we thought spring was just around the corner, my flowers started to blossom, the sun was shining, the weather was finally warmer and then April decided it was time for rain. Rain. So much rain. All the rain. And wind of course. In Athens this month, we ended up having six hours of winter and six hours of spring.


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