May is here!

April ended for me with a bang: I won Camp Nano! ✨

This post will mark the last four hundred words of my goal.

It’s also May and my flowers have a great time in these wonderful spring days. ???

CampNano’s site tells me that I won one camp last year, in April as well. To be honest, I have no recollection of it. Since my first participation at Nanowrimo that was a group activity with my best friends, which taught me how to put my ass on the chair and write every single day, and which we all won, I wasn’t interested enough to finish a
project while at Nano.

camp nano winner

This time, though, was different. It wasn’t that I was so set on winning, as much as having the satisfaction of finishing something and, since I was too close to let it slip from my fingers, I soldiered on. Last night’s session was the longest one I had in a while, where while means in months. I put on paper almost 4.3k words and that says something when the past months I’ve been struggling to to write more than 1ok a month. I also did many things that I consider accomplishments especially since I spend a good part of the month sick.


  • I made considerable progress on the Nhezz story I write with my wonderful (and adorable) bff as in: we figured out a scene that troubled us for quite some time, names, working on a couple of scenes from before (they still need work, but now they need less work).
  • I went back to revising and transcribing my #weirdscifi. If you don’t think I’ll count those words again, you’re wrong.
  • I went back to an idea that I had scribbled on my notebook and had left it there to sit and boil for a long time until one night the voice of the main character echoed in my head so loud, I had to write it. He’s obnoxious, if you’re wondering. From there on, I took it one step further, worldbuidling slowly (but steadily).
  • I wrote ten poems. My goal was to write one poem per day but then I got sick and miserable, and I quit.

Overall, April was a month with many ups and downs, but I’m happy with what I achieved. I hope you all met your goals, and if you didn’t, it doesn’t matter. Every word counts.

Happy Monday!



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