Day 17 of Camp Nano

Just as planned, I’m behind on my word count!

This past week had been interesting. We celebrated Easter and enjoyed the sun, but I’ve also been sick and didn’t write quite as much as I wanted to.

Now I’m here, writing this blog post, wondering what spells do I have to cast in order for me to cover the more than two thousand words I need to reach today’s goal.

So, since the last few days have been a mess and my creativity took a dive in what I can only describe as “unexpected studying in between eggs and bunnies”, I had this marvelous idea of including, here in this post, my efforts to catch up.

It’s 19:00 and I’ll set the alarm for 30 mins, twice. In an hour, I’ll come back with the results of my two sprints. In the mean time, you can have a coffee and enjoy the cookies I made. See you on the other side!




I’m back! Two sprints of 20 minutes each, because nothing can go as planned in my life at this moment. I’m officially 2k words behind.

Current word count: 11.041