I has a kindle!

Not so long ago, I bought a kindle. It came to my hands twelve days ago and I can’t put it down for the life of me.

Until a couple of years ago I couldn’t read books on the computer. My eyes couldn’t accommodate, the screen was irritating me and the lack of flipping pages was driving me crazy.

But, I persevered.

I learned how to read on the computer- fanfiction helped enormously- and from there I started also reading books, which was incredible because e-books in so many occasions are cheaper than physical books, so my life became easier and less expensive, considering how much I read.

I discovered Calibre in the process, a free program that allows you to read e-books, convert them into any format you want and when the time comes to send them to your e-reader. This made my life even easier, because the books open in page size, you can adjust the font size, change the fonts, and it generally works exactly like an e-reader on your computer.

My back whined, my eyes strained, and slowly I gave up reading on my laptop – yes, even if I can move my laptop anywhere I want- because, a) I work on my laptop a lot and I really didn’t need the added hours of reading a book on it and b) in the end of the day, it doesn’t really feel like reading a book. And when you get tired in the wrong way while you do something you love, it doesn’t sit well.

So, I cut back on the time I read on my laptop and I went for my phone. It didn’t work. I don’t know if it was the battery that didn’t last more than three hours with my Moonreader on, or it was the everfucking nonadjustable brightness while on the app, or just the smaller screen (which really isn’t that small on my phone). I only know, it didn’t work.

So, kindle!


I did do a quick check and compare with the Nook, but it was an easy win for Kindle.

And it’s here!

It’s pretty, it’s light, it’s easy to use, the size is perfect and the screen is a dream. For its price (it cost me around 150euros with the case – no shipping), it definitely deserves the money. Of course, it’s not a small amount, but if you read too much and you need to do something about your bleeding pocket, it is a good investment to save money in the long run.

All in all, it is a great gift to your book-loving self ^^


P.S.: No, I’m not going to stop buying physical books because, BOOKS.  I’m just going to tone it down a little.


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