Stories and Poems I liked in February and March

Things have been various hues of tough lately for everyone. I turned to writing and reading, so here are some short stories and poems I enjoyed these past two months, that I hope, if you go ahead and read them, you’ll enjoy too.

This time, besides the links to the pieces, I’ll add a couple of lines for each short story and also, since I have synesthesia, I’ll mention the colors in which I see each story in.

So, there you go!

The Sycamore and the Sibyl by Alix E.  Harrow, in Uncanny Magazine: A short story about abuse and women turning into trees and trees with histories of women. The colors of the seasons circling beautifully in time.

Prophecy by Jessica Jo Horowitz, in Daily Science Fiction: A hero, a villain and a prophecy. This story turns the prophecy trope inside out which makes it  fun to read. Yellows of all hues!

If Salt Lose Its Savor by Christopher Caldwell, in Uncanny Magazine: Oh, this story is purple and pink and dark blue! A story about the hard choices one makes to be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Vîs Dêlendî by Marrie Brennan, in Uncanny Magazine: In reds and blacks, like figures in front of the reddest sunset, this is the story of an overachieving boy who wants to bring back to life the girl he loves.

The Girl Who Did Not Know Fear by Kelly Link, in Tin House: This was my first Kelly Link short story. Faded hues of orange and azure and black underlying the endless wait in an airport and the endless swimming inside your head when you have nothing to do.



Taking, Keeping by Jessica Jo Horowitz, in Apparition Lit

Heliobacterium Daphnephilum by Rebecca Buccanan, in Star*Line

Multiverse by Jenny Thompson, in Strange Horizons

In another lifetime & Directions of another lifetime by Tomas Nieto, in Kanstellation

Always a beast by Christina Sng, in Polu Texni

The Unseen by Fran Wilde, in Fireside