Review: The Girl Aquarium

The Girl Aquarium is Jen Campbell’s debut poetry collection. I’ve read her short stories collection “The Beginning of The World in the Middle of the Night” and I’ve loved it so, naturally, I was very excited about this book.

Her poetry, like her short stories, loves fairy-tales, beautifully creepy descriptions of body parts and discussion of disfigurement and beauty in society.

I liked most of the poems in this collection. The descriptions are and aren’t lyrical and the poems are and aren’t difficult. For some of them, I couldn’t quite tell exactly what the poet wanted to say but it didn’t happen often or aggressively enough that I couldn’t appreciate the lovely imagery and language. I think they balance nicely between accessible and literary.

My absolute favorite poem from this book was Small Infinities.

“If there are fireflies
on the tablecloth –
if there are not. If”