Friday Reads

This week I’m reading short story books. One is a queer horror anthology and the other is a short story collection by Jen Campbell.


All in fear edited by Steve Bergman

This book contains six queer horror tales by: K.J. Charles, Avon Gale, Roan Parrish , Kris Ripper and J.A. Rock.

Until the moment this post is being written, I’ve read four out of the six stories and I’m in the middle of the fifth one. I haven’t read more because it was night and there was a creature and it was dark and I’m still waiting for a day when the sun will be shining so that I can go on.

In other words, yes, it’s a very nice book. Not all stories are scary in the same way, which I consider a plus. Monsters aren’t the only scary things in our lives. Sometimes it’s the people we have near us, sometimes it’s the worlds in our minds.


The beginning of the world in the middle of the night by Jen Campbell

Balancing gracefully in the edge of creepy and lovely, this book feels like a collection of weird fairytales. It combines old fairytales, historical info and original ideas and it’s lacing them with beautiful, beautiful writing.

The story that gives the title to the book, The beginning of the world in the middle of the night, is a piece full of wonder, surrealism and sadness.           I love it.

*The featured picture is used as a quote at the beginning of this book.