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This time I’m doing something different. I’ve got a book that I wanted to read for a long time, The Female Man, and a manga series that I recently started and I adore, Honey and Clover?.


The Female Man by Joanna Russ

I’ve heard this book a lot when people talk about women in science fiction and the perception of genders, so of course I wanted to pick it up. I’m somewhere in the middle right now and… lol I’m so confused. I’m not going to explain why though, because, considering everyone says that things are explained in the end, I’m afraid of spoiling anything, even with general stuff like POVs and characters. (and yes, I know this book is old, but why mess it up for someone who just takes it in their hands?)

But, in spite of reading it slowly, I’m also enjoying every second of it which is a plus. And I’m curious. Very curious.


Honey anhoney&cloverd Clover by Chica Umino

Okay. So. This is a manga that once upon a time I watched the first episode of the anime and I dropped it. Slice of life mangas/anime and stories in general aren’t for me because when I read, I don’t want see other people’s everyday problems. I have my own, thank you very much. That’s why I love sf/f so much.

I’ve avoided this story for the better part of ten years. I set my feet down like a spoiled brat and I didn’t go anyplace near it. My bff, of course, kept shoving it – albeit gently – towards me for the same part of those years. And I thank her for it. ?

I love it.

It’s incredible in its simplicity. It reminds me of poetry in the sweetest way and it has me crying with everyday scenes every other chapter. It also makes my heart bloom.

So, yeah.

If you don’t mind contemporary and slice of life stories, give it a shot. Even if you do mind them, give it a shot.


*the featured picture is courtesy of my bff. isn’t the artwork beautiful?



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  1. Your bff is very wise. Now let’s see if we can convince that stubborn Devilman fan to sit and watch it. Honey & Clover is a gem, an all-time favourite <3 You should watch the anime even just for the ost, which just adds to its poignancy and gorgeousness. Spitz and SUNEOHAIR are so so good they pull my heartstrings just right.

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